CFFB WoD 1.17.11

The Workout

6 rounds for time:

3 Reps Anyway Overhead – 185 lbs
6 Pull Ups (Chest to Bar)
9 Push Ups (Clapping)


Squat 3×5

My Results

Squat: 275, 305, 345

i’m still feeling the T2B workout from wednesday, but it’s manageable… this weekend was all flavors of ab soreness hell. on to today’s workout: overhead was fairly easy. pull ups are still teh suck, however, i was getting them without jumps (just kipping), which is progress. push ups were tougher than i was expecting, but i didn’t break my nose on any of them.

because it’s been such a long time, i started out very light on the squats. they felt good, so i jumped up in weight pretty big. last set was a solid work set. planning on getting up early tomorrow for some stretching and yoga – as i’m going to be feeling it tomorrow i’m sure (if not tomorrow, wednesday).