CF WoD 1.19.11

The Workout

Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
20 Burpees
15 Two-hand dumbbell Bent over row, 50 pounds each

My Results


a test for Warrior Dash this summer (which i am doing)… and boy did it not go so hot. the ‘run 400m’ quickly turned into ‘jog 400m at a pace that could have easily been defined as walking’. i was not able to complete even the first set of burpees unbroken, as usually 3 or more rests were taken per 20. i did rep out the bent over rows without breaks – there’s my little silver lining for the day.

walking down the stairs post WoD was almost a very interesting debacle, as i thought my legs were going to give out. had a couple more of the HS players show up this morning, which makes things a little different – but it’s good to have people to workout with, push you and keep you in check every once in a while. my endurance is horrible and i actually had one of the kids finish a full round (and then some) ahead of me – i think almost 9 minutes in time. the legs are rubbery jello right now, which is a wonderful feeling at times 🙂

got 6 months until Warrior Dash… and a long way to go.