CFFB WoD 1.21.11

Today’s Workout

CF Football Total

Power Clean 1 Rep
Squat 1 Rep
Bench 1 Rep
Deadlift 1 Rep

*Perform a single max effort for the lifts listed above.
*After warm-ups, 3 attempts are allowed.
*Total must be done in the specified order.
*Combine all 4 lifts to create CF Football Total

My Results

1450 lbs CFFT

clean: 275 (fail 295)
squat: 405 (fail 455)
bench: 365
dead: 405 (fail 475)

today was not a good day. walked in and my hips just ached – not sure what the deal is, but it just started this morning. it’s not like i did anything since wed and i wasn’t even that sore. very disappointing. last time i did the CFFT (3.12.10), i was able to total 1560 – drastically better results in squat and deadlift. of course, i didn’t push it too much today because of the hip just not feeling right. need to visit the chiropractor soon.