CFFB WoD 01.11.10

i realize i’m not off to a great start on the year with the workouts – the first week and i already missed a day (Thursday) – but the wife had a rough week and j was up at 5:00, so i was a good daddy and hubby and stayed home (which as you might recall was one of my goals for the year anyway). I was disappointed, because i had planned some agility/speed ladder work. did some googling and found some new exercises to try out. i guess it’ll have to wait until this Thursday.

Now, to today’s workout:

This workout didn’t look like it was going to be all that bad… i stand corrected. now it could be that i’m just horribly out of shape, but it was a tough one.

6 Rounds, each round consisting of:

3 Hang Cleans @ 80% bodyweight (i went with 205lbs)
3 20yd Shuttles (Pro Agility Shuttle)

initially, i looked at this and thought no problem… until the second round of shuttles and my legs felt like jello. i liked it though. it’s exactly what i needed. i did not keep the clock running throughout, next time we do this workout (hopefully, i won’t be such a pile and) i’ll start the clock and work on not taking such long of breaks betwixt shuttles.

For the lifting component, we did 3×3 in Back Squat and Flat Bench. because i’m only going to be able to lift twice a week, i’m going to skip the towel bench and front squats and stick with the two core back squat and flat bench. i would like to get the workouts done sooner, so that i could get in some aux lifts and some plyo work – but right now, i’m still working my way back into working out – time to turn up the intensity!