CFFB WoD 01.05.10

Well, Wednesday is usually a Rest Day and since i used up my rest day yesterday, i did the CFFB WoD from yesterday: Tuesday, January 5th, 2010.

Now this morning, i was feeling the workout from Monday. Lats and arms: SORE… but that just tells me I’m alive or that’s what i keep telling myself. i do not like pull-ups. for one, i’m fat and out of shape and it takes a lot of work pulling myself all up ons that bar! to some extent, i feel like John Pinette “I don’t do ups”:

but not completely have i reached the John Pinette level of fitness 🙂

Lo and behold… the WoD we did today, had more pull-ups and this time they were weighted pull-ups.

Another time-limited workout – 20 minutes. one round consisting of:
1 rep deadlift 80% 5rm
1 weighted pull-up 25lbs
3 reps deadlift 80% 5rm
3 weighted pull-ups 25lbs
5 reps deadlift 80% 5rm
5 weighted pull-ups 25lbs

since i’m just starting up again, i had no clue where my 5 rep max was for deadlift… so i approximated. i set my deadlift bar at 335 for this workout, which felt pretty solid.

My results:

4 full rounds, 1-3-5 reps on dl and 1-3 pull-ups.

and again the pull-ups killed me. i will NOT be doing pull-ups tomorrow AM.

after that, i did the BFS 3×3 power clean workout. which felt pretty good, until i formed a blister on my hand and immediately ripped it open. time away from the weightroom is not good for the hands.

Now, time to bust out my 6 push-ups for the 100 PushUp Challenge and get ready for tomorrow’s workout – i think i’ll do some agility ladder (found some new things to try out, thanks to the google).