CF WoD 1.13.10

CFFB had a rest day today (as with EVERY wednesday) and so looking back on tuesday’s WoD, i just didn’t feel like doing the deadlift/pullup workout like we did last week… interestingly, neither did the others… so i looked up the crossfit workout for the day:


Five (5) rounds for max reps of:
Body Weight Bench Press

My Results:

Round 1: Bench 18, Pullups 6
Round 2: Bench 6, Pullups 4
Round 3: Bench 5, Pullups 4
Round 4: Bench 5, Pullups 3
Round 5: Bench 6, Pullups 3
Total: 60 reps

i know pullups suck and this shows my need to get my endurance up in the bench (and probably most everything i do).