here i is – i don’t gots much time here, cuz i’m typing in the back of a van outside the old folks home turned public library in orange beach, alabama. i just thought i’d update everyone real quickly. we had an interesting trip down as we got bumped from our flight (direct to pensacola) and instead took 3 different flights – mpls to oklahoma city, to memphis to mobile (where we got picked up). and we just got word that katie’s bag was finally delivered to our hotel (three days later).

the weather’s been interesting, the sun shines through every once and a while and the beach is right outside our hotel. there’s construction everywhere still from the hurricanes and that’s been the low of the trip so far. the water’s freezing, so that leaves out any playing in the waves. but i’ve been wearing shorts the entire trip so that’s a good thing. and there’s no snow on the ground. that’s my update, i’ll post more when i get another chance. piece!

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  1. after living in georgia, i must say that anyone who goes to alabama on vacation is crazy. alabama is the iowa of the south. when we were in birmingham, chris said that alabama is like a soggy box that even homeless people shouldn’t have to live in.

    with that said, they do have some pretty national forests. 🙂

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