newness all around!!!

so i should be able to get the new version of the site up in a little bit…. but that’s not the only newness of which i am speaking….

i gotta new job!!!! and this, i perceive to be more than just a job, this is one of them career things. i don’t think i could ask for much more. it’s the webmaster position at Pheasants Forever i interviewed for last week and again today. i left thinking the second interview went fairly well, and apparently so did they as they called me shortly thereafter and offered the job to me. i wanted to talk to my current employer before i accepted the position and also katie, the rents and my sister… and when i called them back, they were gone for the day. but i will call them tomorrow morning and inform them that i accept their invitation and i will start this new wonderful endeavor on april 4th!

how sweet is that?! i submit that it is VERY, VERY sweet! yay me!

6 thoughts on “newness all around!!!

  1. Oh sure, I see how it is, you posted the new link to everyone BUT me…I see where I rank

  2. congratulations on the new job! that’s entirely excellent news 🙂

    i like the new weblog look 🙂

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