back again, sorta

well, i’m back… sorta. i’m in phillips, wi now – off to celebrate easter with my family at my aunt and uncle’s place out in the middle of nowhere wisconsin, but hey the hotel my parents are staying at has highspeed wireless… and this is my first taste of good highspeed in a week. aaahhh, it feels good to be back in the midwest.

this flight event wasn’t as interesting as the one down to abalama – we took the flight we were sposed to and we got our luggage, kinda boring, but we’re all happy cuz we gots all our stuffs and we’re home. the trip was an interesting one. there is VERY nothing to do down there, and it looks like a huge dump. i’m finding it difficult to say anything that would differ from korin’s comment on my last post – although, iowans might find that comment offensive.

well, since i’m back i hope to be posting a little bit more regularily (i don’t think that’s spelled correctly, but maybe it is). i’ve got one more week at 3M before i start the new job at PF – looking forward to that i am very much. good times in the mix – although, i must say the cats i work with at 3M are good times. whelp, good times are in the making tonight and tomorrow… that’s all, bye.

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