and here i sit

*this was written yesterday morning, i’m now able to post it. that’s all, bye*

ever wondered how uncomfortable the floors in the philadelphia airport are in terms of sleeping arrangement? well, you no longer have to worry about that. if you ever have the burning desire to find out, ask me and i’ll tell you saving you a lot of aches and pains.

how is it that i am so knowledgeable about the sleeping comfort levels in the philadelphia airport? it just so happens i just awoke from a little nap and i could go ahead and obtain another 2 hours of wink-wink to further enhance my studies.

what, you may be asking, would compel an individual to spend any time studying the sleeping comfort levels in the philadelphia airport? this one is easy – because people are stupid and i HATE STUPID PEOPLE!!!

let me explain…

you should all know by now that i was in new jersey for the FASCO allstar game (if not, check out the post two days ago). in a short sentence explaining this weekends travel arrangements: we flew into philadelphia airport, rented a van and are flying out of the philadelphia airport back to minneapolis. the return flight was supposed to leave philadelphia at 0600 sunday morning (which, by the way, sucks in itself). when we arrived for check-in, we were joyfully greeted with the news that there is no 0600 flight and the only flight going to minneapolis is the one leaving at 0850. that’s nearly 3 hours difference, for those not good with clock math.

enough about my new forced hobby. i’m sure you are expecting some sort of an update on how the game went. and then again, maybe you aren’t. either way, let me enlighten you.

first the combine in the morning: this was actually pretty good. it was a short mini-combine due to the game later on that night. we tested the benchpress, 10, 20, 40 yd dash and the short shuttle (aka the pro agility drill). not everyone on the team signed up to do the combine and i only did it cuz i was curious to see where i was. well, i was the strongest, fastest and most agile of all combine participants. my times weren’t the greatest, but apparently i did open a few eyes. the Pro Football Institute was there and they were very impressed. i should be hearing from them soon, so i’m told.

the game: not so exctiting – we ended up losing 20-14. as is the case with most close games, we had our chances to put them away. we were unable to do anything on the ground in terms of running the ball and dropped more than a couple passes that would’ve ended as a touchdown. defensively, the coaches had co clue what they were doing (so i’ve been told from my defensive travel companions). me? whenever i got the ball, there was absolutely nowhere for me to go. the entire second half, i was the fullback – a position that is very commonly thrust upon me as apparently there is no such thing as a good, white tailback. i believe i made a couple good blocks and one reception in the flat that got a couple people excited when it took 3 or 4 guys to take me down.

thems is the highlights of this last day or so. i’m writing this from the aforementioned airport in a text document and i’m very tired right now. i’ll have to copy this to by blog when i get home sometime, or maybe tomorrow at work. honestly, all i want right now is to see katie and lay beside her and getting some GOOD, true sleep with her in my arms. is that too much to ask?

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