remember when the ramada was a nice hotel?

at least that’s what i thought at one point. so i’m out in vineland, new jersey this weekend and the ramada was the hotel we were supposed to stay at. that place was a crap hole. the rooms were tiny, they smelled like urine, the water was brown out of the sink, the beds were crap and the cot we got for the extra guy (me) was pathetic.

we called the wingate inn right next door and inquired their prices for a similiar room… they were willing to take a couple dollars off the nightly rate cuz we’re kind of on a tight budget. not only is this place nicer (clear water, smells nice, comfy beds, clean rooms), it also had high speed internet and a microwave and fridge. there’s also more room in the hotel and a jacuzzi. to say we moved up in the world is an understatement and a half. what happened ramada?


on a side note, i’m out here for an all-star game. similiar to the one i was in last december in las vegas. for those who don’t know what i did last december… the allstar game is a group of players from across the nation who play either a league all-star team from the area or just a team that thinks they can ball with an all-star team. the vegas trip was average at best. the team was strong defensively, but offensively we didn’t ahve our things together. this time round there’s a better group of guys and it will be interesting to see how we play on saturday. i’ll tell ya’s all how it went when i get back.


some more off topic topics… katie moves into her own apartment this weekend (i’ll be back early sunday to help her move) and that’s exciting. any time you get into a new place it’s exciting. and it’s not my place, but i’ll be spending a little bit of time there… so kinda in a way it’s sorta my place. but not really much at all. for those not in the know, katie and i are still together and things are going GREAT! she’s awesome and she amazes me more and more every day i’m with her. i thank God daily that she is in my life. i wish all my friends their own katie in each of their lives.


last weekend, i don’t think i’ve written bout that yet. last weekend i was in seattle, or actually, redmond, wa for a dockdogs event. again, for those not in the know. my aunt and uncle have a german shorthair pointer, Sarge, who competes nationally in a big air competition. they jump off of a 40′ or so long dock into a pool, pond, lake or other liquid holding device for distance. if you ever get a chance to check one of these things out, GO! it was awesome. i was able to go as the photographer for my aunt. i met a ton of super cool people who are out playing with their dogs. i’m also the webmaster for Sarge’s website www.sargethedog.com. the events are so much fun. check out the site, there will be more on there soon, i’m hoping to add a couple pages and we got some video of the competition last weekend, so i hope to have that up there soon.


that’s all, i usually don’t write this much, but then again, i’ve had some things come up and they’ve been fun times and worth writing about. plus, i’ve been traveling and busy so i havn’t had time to do much updating. practice time pretty soon, i’d best get goin. piece!