maintenance, blah

i’ve been tryin to get to my own website since this morning. as i didn’t have a chance to post bout the most recent yesterday…

i had an interview this afternoon – not for another job… but rather for a project at a client site. you all should know that i’m working for motion international and that they are a technical consulting company. which means we do business with other companies and work with them to better the other company. most of the time it’s dealing with a oracle application system or some variation thereof.

the sales team has been in contact with a client in the twin cities here and they’ve been trying to pitch me to this client to fill a spot vacated temporarily by a new mom on maternity leave. i had the interview this afternoon and it went very welly. hopefully we hear from them soon as to if they’re going to let me be the one to fill the void.

not only that, but i went to ihop for lunch… yummy!