a new, new hero – John Howard

John Howard, the prime minister of australia, has been in the running for the title of ‘my new hero’.

yesterday i was eating a gyro at a lil gyro shop in bloomington. and they had a lil writeup about a quote John Howard said at one point. and at this point i’m exactly sure the context of the quote – but it had a lot to do with people not having common sense. and that’s SO VERY TRUE. after further thought and a collaboration with a coworker – the quote was in regard to someone was complaining about kids wearing super hero costumes to day care. the someone was trying to make the point that the costumes were causing the kids to have violent tendancies and encourage violent behavior. Señor Howard dismissed this ludicris thinking rightout. so i applaud Señor Howard and his excellent use of common sense.

from now on, i’m going to end with a simple statement…

i hate stupid people…

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