well, most of ya’ll don’t know this, cuz i’ve kept it pretty quiet, but the opportunity for me to possibly play football in germany again came up. however, it didn’t go through, the organization has decided not to bring me over and i’ve got mixed emotions about that.

1) i’m not going to play professional football THIS year – bad
2) i’m not going to germany – bad
3) i’m staying here to be closer to family and katie – GOOD
4) i’ve still got a job and stuffs to do – good
5) i’m still playing football for Alexandria and will play for the Central MN Thunderbirds this fall – good
6) i won’t have as much time to really work on sargethedog.com and this website – bad

so you can see there’s pluses and minuses involved. i’m not too broken up about it, but it would’ve been fun to go.


on another note: my uncle who’s stationed over in iraq right now wrote into FOXNews and got some TV time during Dayside w/ Linda Vester. check it out: go here. and click on the video titled “Ambulance platoon in Baghdad sends some great pictures”

the boys and girls over there are doing a great deal of good whilst a lot of idiots still think the world would be better if we’d never taken that bastard out of power and freed many people who are still confused about what it means to be free.

THANK YOU, to all American soldiers fighting the good fight.

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  1. T….ya know I was pulling for ya to play pro ball….but I cant say I’m upset you’ll be playing ball with us for the rest of the summer. Sorry bro.

    And you are damn right about the Iraq situation. At least some people think normally around here…..for the most part.

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