Daniel Adair is my new hero

last night, my sister, katie and i went to the 3 doors down concert…. and it rocked.

it was a great endeavor. it had fire, lazers and Daniel Adair did a 5-10 minute drum solo that was amazing! good music and great times had by all three of us. i’m not sure who the opening band was, but they were pretty good followed by puddle of mudd – good times. then 3 doors down came out and played many good songs and some new ones too (which i would recommend checking out when they come out). good kids, they seem. then nickelback came out and we left after about 3 songs for a couple reasons 1) my sister get’s sick of profanity and they were not shy about using profane words 2) there was a retard sitting next to me (and i mean that as nicely as possible, i think she really was mentally not all there) who sang off-key and with out words (‘da da da da da daaaah’) at the top of her lungs and 3) two stupid whores decided to stand up in front of us blocking any view of the stage. 4) two more stupid whores stood up and that was the last straw. i heard a song or two from nickelback and that was enough for me. plus, we beat the rush outta the excel energy center….

before the concert, we went to the liffey pub which is right across the street from the excel. i’ve eaten there before… and it’s good food. i’ve never been to ireland, so i can’t verify the authenticity of the food… but it was definatley different than any other ‘normal, American’ food – but still yummy.