stop with the ‘hello dolly’

Stop with the Hello Dolly plugin
Stop with the Hello Dolly plugin

i love wordpress. it’s a great, flexible, easily customizable, often used and free CMS which started out as merely a blogging platform. I’ve used it for a long time (since v1.2 or something like that), i’ve seen it grow into the mecca of awesome that it has today. there are many benefits of wordpress that i enjoy greatly, including the automatic update from the admin panel, but the one thing that annoys the hells out of me is that stupid ‘hello dolly’ plugin. why must it be included with every update/upgrade? i’ve never used it, i never will. the first thing i have to do after an upgrade is to remove the stupid one-page plugin. it’s a waste. all i’m asking is that you don’t include it when you upgrade. keep it in the new installs, i have no problem with that. but if i don’t want it (which i very much do not), why do i have to keep deleting it from every site i update? if i wanted it, i wouldn’t have deleted it in the first place.

Please WordPress, stop including the ‘Hello Dolly’ plugin with system upgrades!

thank you.