Como Zoo Trip

Joseph had a great time at the Como Zoo!
Joseph had a great time at the Como Zoo!

Last week, Katie, Joseph and I went to the Como Zoo in St. Paul, MN. it was Joseph’s first trip to the zoo. At first, I wasn’t sure how much he would get out of it – but after posting my intentions on the facebook, and getting the response that I got from a myriad of old friends… I didn’t think twice. We then debated whether or not to go to the Como Zoo in St. Paul or the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley – well, after looking at the price difference (Como = free, MN = $32 + $5 for parking), location (Como is closer) and time (Katie had to work that evening and of course we got a later start than we had planned, so we were short on time), we decided on the Como Zoo. I got one comment on facebook that a friend finds the Como Zoo “depressing” – but it was an absolutely beautiful day and a joy taking the day off of work and spending it with the family.

We started out in the conservatory – and maybe we spent a little too much time there (no animals, outside of some coy in the water) – but Joseph was diggin just spending time with mommy and daddy outside of the house (for a change). We then walked around the rest of the zoo – the big cats were sleeping when we got there, so that kind of sucked, but Joseph loved the Sea Lions swimming (photos of which we do have, but they’re on the other camera and i haven’t uploaded those yet). We saw Sparky (the VIth and the first female sparky the Como Zoo has ever had). I thought saving the monkey place for last was going to be a good idea, but by the time we did get there Joseph was getting somewhat cranky (missed his afternoon nap). I think he liked the monkeys, even though he pointed out the lights and ventilation ducts (repeatedly) when we got into the monkey building. At least they were playing around. They had a butterfly tent thing setup as well, which we checked out. He enjoyed that bit for a little while (we got some pretty cool photos of the butterflies), but the excitement soon faded. Before we left, we got on the carousel – which i’m not sure he really was too excited about – he liked it at first, but i’m not sure about the extended circling. Of course, he might’ve just been a little too focused on the drums and cymbals in the middle 🙂

At the end of the day, he fell asleep before we even left the parking lot. check out the photos below… i think he had a lot of fun – Joseph’s first trip to the zoo!

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