winter olympics

so thursday, i get all excited to watch the office… and i’ll be honest, i didn’t know what channel nbc is here. so i’m flippin through the local channels… 4? no. 5? no. 11? no the olympics are on that channel. 13? no. 8? no. okay, let’s go to that stupid tv guide channel… of course, i just missed the local channels, so i’ll have to wait, and wait, and wait. remember when john henson used to be funny on talk soup? yeah, me neither – and he’s still not funny.

finally, the local channels are back. abc, cbs, upn, nbc – channel 11! damn. so i go check the website, sure nuff… ‘next on ‘the office”… march 2nd. drat.

so i try to watch the olympics. i just can’t get into the winter olympics. there doesn’t appear to be the olympic element to it aside from the hockey. i’m not sure why. maybe the snowboarding and all the new events they’ve made up just to try to add some excitement – team pursuit? skeleton? ice dancing? what the crap? all i’d even think about watching is the cool flippity flip skiing, hockey and curling. haven’t heard much about the curlers this go-round. a bunch of northerners basically bowling on a lake. (yeah, i know there’s much more to it than that). i just don’t see how recreational activities so quickly become competitive events that are apparently easier to win if you’re under the influence of a magical herb. and how can one get excited when the first black american to win a speed skating event doesn’t seem too excited himself?

i actually felt like watching tv thursday. i actually heard ‘my name is earl’ isn’t half bad and that is right before the office. so i was going to actually watch two shows. that doesn’t happen too often. usually, i’ll flip on the boobtube when i’m eating by myself for some noise – quickly turning it off when i’m done eating, because i can’t stand half the crap on there anymore. now, we only have the basic of all basic cables – and the only reason we’re doing that is cuz we get a $15 discount on the internet service and it only costs $8. so we’re gettin paid to have cable tv. a pretty slick deal, actually. which is good, because, neither katie or i watch $8 worth of tv in any given month (save sat/sun during the football season, of course). i’m also finding myself loathing pop music, but we’ll save that for another day and another rant…

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  1. I love figure skating. No throwing things at me. But I miss the Office and the other shows that I like to watch (ok, slightly addicted to TV, but I always delete reruns unless they are The Office). Anyway, you should go rent the Office. Or buy it. It’d totally be worth it. Even better, go rent the BBC version and see where it all began. Just make sure to turn on closed captions or you might not catch all of those British slang words.

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