i am a lucky man

yesterday was valentines day – one of the few times many people across the globe (is valentines day a global event or just a marketing holiday restricted to the american borders?) will celebrate and cheer VD.

in a glorious and completely selfish way, i will rub it into the faces of my good friends who were alone on a couple’s holiday… i am a very lucky guy. my yesterday? nothing too special. but it was very wonderful. a nice, relaxing dinner – KFC by candlelight. with the centerpiece the rose i gave her that morning. yeah, it was my idea – and SHE LOVED IT!!! and we topped it off with a playstation game and icecream sandwiches. a lovely evening with a lovely lady. life is good.

have you happened across the show The Office?? i have recently become insanely addicted to said sitcom. and i’ve only seen one on the tele. of course, i was able to find a certain place to download every episode to date… now i just can’t wait until thursdays… between this show and the movie Office Space, i find myself wondering if finding joy and laughter in the very situations i wake up to on a daily basis is wrong and/or morbid… but then i just laugh it off and get ideas, muaha ha ha!

4 thoughts on “i am a lucky man

  1. You see, it’s people like you that make Valentine’s Day a crappy day for us single people…who may be perfectly content being single. Well, I’m going to go see Brian Regan LIVE, so take that! (I wish there was a way I could make one of those lil smiley faces that sticks their toungue out, cause it would be inserted here!)

  2. I have to agree with your sister on this one. I hate you. But I like Katie, so I’m happy for you. Kind of. I think.

    By the way….is it any coincidence that Valentine’s Day and Venereal Disease have the same initials?

    Both cause stress…
    Both can ruin a relationship….
    Both can cost a boatload of money….
    Both are a plague on society…

    Coincidence? I think not!

  3. I LOVE the office–and the BBC version is even better!!

    And you’re very sweet to your sweetie. 🙂

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