I'd actually be happy to see the BSOD
I'd actually be happy to see the BSOD
A couple months ago, i lost both of my 19″ monitors – they were Hanns G monitors, i got them on the cheap, with a rebate and they worked well… until we lost power and one went, gone, didn’t work anymore. i still had the other one, so i went from a dual monitor to a single monitor. which was bad enough. THEN whilst i was away in November hunting, we lost power again… this time, the other monitor blew out, didn’t work, gone.

so now i’m using an old 15″ gateway LCD monitor because i got rid of all my old CRT monitors and i have no other options. i’ve been scouring the internets for new monitor deals, but every monitor is a widescreen. why? why can’t i get a nice 4:3 ratio monitor or two? i do not care for widescreen, never have. it’s impossible to get a non-widescreen laptop anymore as well. i’m in the market for some new hardware – but i’m not excited about anything i see. i don’t know how i ever did this in the past… one monitors suck and one small monitors sucks even more.

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