100 pushup challenge… yesterday i did 50 pushups. today, i just did my 51 pushups. outside of a sporadic p90x workout, that’s all i’ve been able to find time to do in terms of working out. it blows like the wind on a blustery day, but as of late, i just do not have the time to workout.

funny side note:
wednesday night, i was wrasslin’ with cocoa and as i bent over to steal away her rawhide bone, she decided to jump up onto the bed. my head went down, her’s went up at an incredible rate of speed. heads met and short story nearing completion, she gave me a small cut right above my eye and it’s starting to turn colors… if i would’ve had the time, i could’ve come up with a couple good stories as to how i got the black eye, but if you read the previous paragraph, the same concept applies. in fact, i’m surprised i found the time to type a blog post today!

on sunday, i’ll be leaving for orlando, fl for a week long conference for work. it should be interesting, first time i’ve gone to one of these things. i’m expecting to learn a lot about iMIS (that’s our membership program at PF). and it will be integral to my position, which could possibly be changing at PF in the not-so-distant future… dun, dun, dunnnnnnn