what is this world coming to?

i don’t know if i’ve grown up or not the last couple years… and i doubt i’ve matured – but i have been listening to talk radio and reading an occasional article or two on cnn or the local paper whilst sitting on the throne at wurk.

and now i know why i never listened to talk radio or read the newspaper ‘back in the day’ – the world is filled with morons and complete idiots. not that this is anything new, but they are louder and are causing more of a rukus than i’ve ever known them to in the past. and the sad thing is that there are supposed to be intelligent individuals in leadership positions to override this stupidity. i know there used to be people who had the balls to tell people they were idiots – but now the ‘representatives’ and other elected officials are more focused on not pissing people off rather than making progress.

to start:

the super bowl in sunday and the biggest story is not the feel good story of bettis’ return to detroit – it’s the seahawks TE Jerramy Stevens making the [sarcasm] asanine [/sarcasm] comment [paraphrase] ‘i think we’re going to win this game’ [/paraphrase] and joey porters rebuttal. and i thought semi-pro was bad – dudes, grow the fuck up. it’s a game and you’re gettin paid millions to play. your paycheck at the end of the DAY is more than the average joe makes in a year (probably, i don’t know for sure, but either way it’s a decent chunk of change). what’s wrong with having confidence in your team and stating that opinion?

in other football news – mcnabb is a racist moron. owens is also a moron. owens’ comments about the eagles being undefeated if favre was their quarterback are a bit far-fetched and not the most proper thing to say about ones own teammate. and that’s another topic altogether. but mcnabb’s comments on owens’ statements being racist (paraphrasing again) and saying that owens was only stating that favre would be a better fit because he’s white? listen to owens’ statement – he didn’t say anything about white, black, green, blue, forest green, olive green, drab green or any other colored players. dude, favre is good. he has been good for a long time. to say that favre wouldn’t be an asset to a team who had an injured quarterback throughout the majority of the season is a fallacy. owens, shut up. mcnabb – get better, you’re a good quarterback, but shut up.

dudes be talking kidnap and murder over a cartoon… wow, where does one begin. peeps been so wrapped up in their own close-minded, no-freedom walks of life that they don’t know a freedom when they see one. nor do they know how to respond civilally (is that a word?). relax people. this doesn’t have to be such a big deal – and peeps be gettin fired over this? oh, and the guns and other threats too… you know, i’m sure a ‘letter to the editor’ would’ve been a good first step, rather than jumping 10000 notches to the threats of murder, death, kill and kidnapping. islamic extremists – shut up.

that poor hooters (ex)cheerleader from ETSU… boo fricken hoo. [paraphrase]i was kicked off the cheerleading squad cuz i work at hooters [/paraphrase]. listen to your coach and cheermates – apparently there was more that lead to your been given the boot. now cnn’s reporting and more specifically WJHL’s Nate Morabito did a horrible job of doing actual reporting on this story and not getting any real information on what all went down. hey, nate – do some real reporting and fill in some of those HUGE gaping holes in the report – and poor hooters girl – shut up.

oh, and i haven’t said this before (i don’t think). but i’ve wanted to everytime her name came up – cindy sheehan, shut the fuck up. and that goes to all of your idiot ‘followers’ too. damn hippies. we’re at war. and there’s a reason we’re there. no, it’s not fucking oil. it’s because some dope tried to steal what my grandpa’s fighted in WWII for: our freedoms. maybe if those nitwits in the big sandbox had some freedoms in the past, it wouldn’t be so bad and it wouldn’t be such a radical change. (cuz we all know how people be fearin the change – even when the change be the best thing). now, i’m pretty sure your freedoms end at exactly the same spot where mine begin. i believe in what we’re doing across the big pond. and it sucks loosing the good men and women who are putting themselves on the line for us. but it’s also a sacrifice that they are damn proud to be making. my uncle was over there and i’m proud of what he was able to do while on tour. had i another go-round at life, i probably would’ve joined the military myself. infact, i occasionally wonder if i could still join and where that would take me. i love the United States of America. i love my freedoms and i love and respect all those in the armed forces. thank you guys and gals.

but to those people who are blinded by their own freedoms and stupidity, i say to you: shut the fuck up.

i’m gonna watch the super bowl this year (enough of the stupid people rant). and i’m gonna be hoping for commercials worth watching. i remember when the commercials were fun to watch and we looked forward to them. they were comical and they were special. the last couple years, i’ve seen more movie previews and upcoming ‘season premieres’ or ‘next week on 24’ (or whatever other stupid show)… what happened world? the biggest event of the year – millions upon millions watching and those marketing ‘guru’s can’t come up with something new and at least remotely entertaining? at least this should be a pretty good football game. i look forward to watching the game: i’ll even make a prediction. the team with the most points at the end, will win. i’ll even put money on that.

i’ll watch the commercials, too. and i’ll probably be disappointed like the last 4 or 5 or so years… unless… no, that would make too much sense and we can’t have that in this fuckt up world we live in.

man, i hate stupid people

2 thoughts on “what is this world coming to?

  1. Holy ranting and raving Batman.

    Now, as much as I hate to admit this, every single one of your points makes sense. Maybe thats why we get along. We should both know by now it isnt our charm.

    By the way, I look forward to taking your money in poker during the game. Thank you, that is all for now.

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