super bowl xl

didja see it? didja hear about it? didja even care?

i didn’t really care who won – i was hoping the game was going to be a good one – and it had two teams that matched up very well on paper so the possibility of a decent game was quite likely.

21-10 steelers over the seahawks. the score doesn’t really show how close these two teams were, primarily because the seahawks got @$$raped by the zebras in this one on some very key plays. the ‘push off, offensive pass interference’ early in the game VERY questionable. rothlesberger was NOT in on that ‘touchdown’. that was NOT a hold on that 3rd and long… there’s probably more, but i don’t remember them at this point. i think this game really could’ve gone either way. two very good, very fast defenses – and good offenses. take the 12th guy away from the steelers, and i still think they win, but they win 21-17 or 24-20. all in all, not a bad game, not a great game, but a good game.

the commercials started off pretty good – had some good ones and we even laughed out loud on a couple – the magical refridgerator was one. and of course, i’m so tired right now i don’t recall the other decent ones. of course, that h3 commercial will always worry me (ugly godzilla cousin and the robot?? that’s not right). and i do remember the point at which the commercials took a disasterous turn for the worse, that dumb escalade commercial on the runway – post that commercial, they sucked like a two dollar whore. overall, i’d have to give the commercials a C, they were working on an A- until that escalade commercial.

i still hate john madden. he’s a retarded, fat, captain obvious, waste of space. everytime he talks i want to shove sharpened pencils into my ears so i don’t have to listen to his blatant unobservant rhetoric of the obvious in absolutely every situation on the football field. the day he just goes away is the day i cheer with excitement about not having to worry if the idiot madden is going to be ruining another game for me.

on a side note, i’m pretty sure the stones are all dead and have been for years – those puppeteers were really working the strings exceptionally well for that ‘half time show’ – although, i’ve heard better ‘singing’ at japanese karoke night. i mean, even neumann could prolly sing better than mick jagger there… sheesh.

a good weekend, a super bowl sunday with friends… not too shabby, not too shabby indeed. oh, of course i still hate stupid people.

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  1. Wow. I happen to think I am wonderful vocalist, so thank you so much for the compliment. I’m truly touched. Smart ass.

    "That killed him" You forgot that commercial.

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