this makes me ill

why is it such a difficult task to live within means? the concept of “Not spending more than you bring in” is one that many people today don’t subscribe to. why is it so difficult to keep within a budget?

i know i’ve failed to properly budget and have found myself in a world of debt that i’d rather not be in (i think we’re better off than many these days, but i’d rather not have any debt). and we are aware that some of our decisions haven’t been the greatest (the purchase of our home couldn’t have come at a worse time, for example). but we’re dealing with our financial issues… we’re paying off our debts, we’re not buying new TVs or cars or much of anything. just last night i sewed a hole in a pair of jeans – hoping that i won’t need to buy a new pair anytime soon. we’re trying to be more frugal with our money. we don’t frequent expensive eateries nor have we ‘gone out’ in quite a while. i would love to build my perma-house right now and get out of the townhome, but we’re making things work.

after watching this video and listening to some talk radio… why can’t the government, who works for us, stay within its own means? it truly makes me sick – i work for my money, i live in a town home that is smaller than i’d like, i drive a car to save on gas (rather than taking “Sunshine” for a stroll to work), we pay more than the minimum amount on payments – because we don’t want to have that debt over our heads forever… who wants to live like that?

i could discuss so many different areas of government that i think should not be a governmental department, and where spending by the government is just, by definition, retarded. i do hope that the changes in office from November make some serious impact on the way shyt gets done in DC, i really, really do.