CF WoD – 101211

wow, it’s been a while – since i posted and since i actually got my FAT@$$ out and worked out (i’m not going to call the snow shoveling a couple days ago a workout, even though i was quite sore afterwards). this morning, got up and headed over to PHS with a couple of the ol liftin cats. went through a whole host of CF and CFFB workouts before settling on:


Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

didn’t know body weight when we started the workout, so i just threw some saucers on top of the 185lbs that the boys were lifting – so that’d be 255lbs on the bench portion.

My Results:
R1: 11,6
R2: 8,4
R3: 6,3 1/2
R4: 6,3
R5: 7,3

not the greatest, but after not doing ANYTHING for months, it sure felt good to be working out again. i definitely need to get back into workouts and with the closing of the fitness center, i’m out of a stellar workout facility. i’m thinking about joining the Crossfit club in woodbury… the closest one i can find to mi casa. anyone know anything about it?