the latest money-making opportunity…

you’d think that would be motion, the place i’ve been working since the middle of feb, right? WRONG! oh you could not be so very wrong. if you’ve read the last couple of posts you know how motion has been, how shall i put this…. stupid? true but not strong enough – piss ant bumble fuckers? a good one, but still lacking something… i’ll get back to you on that one.

so needless to say the ‘real actual’ job search has increased in intensity. i’ve been sending out the ole resume and talkin to friends and family and friends of friends and family… maybe any of YOU reading this could be of assistance??? the resume page might be of some use at this point, if you might know of something.

i was speaking to a friend of mine one day, and i haphazardly bounced the question off of her ‘do you know of any job openings?’ she did, but it was not a high paying job and the job wasn’t too exciting… i didn’t care. i needed something, anything and this was even an IT type job. i interviewed on monday with the owner of LCI and the guy who’s involved with the STS portion of the company. They briefly explained what the situation was – STS is a side company they started to help college kids get some ‘real world’ experience. It’s a pretty nifty ordeal – it’s a win-win for all three parties involved. because LCI is a consulting company, STS is similiar in the aspect that the employees work at a client site. The employees (college kids or recent grads or me, as you’ll soon find out) get the experience. The clients get some inexpensive people working on projects that don’t require uber knowledge. LCI provides that additional service to it’s clients and create a nice little repport with the client. everyone’s happy.

They explained all this and asked if i would be interested even though it wouldn’t be a high paying job. i agreed to it, as it’s more than what i was making while not working at motion. so i started that job today. and i’m working at the 3M campus in st paul. not all that exciting a job – until i get the ID card, i’m restricted to the one building doing PC Staging, and once i get that ID i’ll be doing PC Installs around the campus. similiar to my first internship with unisys back in the day. so that’s what i’m doing, it’s cool, cuz they’re super flexible (helpful to work around the football coaching thing) and hey, i’m gettin paid, which is never a bad thing.

so even though i gots this lil job deal goin – i’m still lookin for a job. this is not a permanent thing by any means. so again, if you come across anything that makes you think: “a poorly trained monkey can do this” it might just be something i can do 😉 or even something that’s a little bit more of a challenge, i could possibly handle that too. keeping the eyes, ears and noses open isn’t just a safe way to go through life, it’s also a way to help out a friend – or maybe someone you’ve never met – or at least me.

2 thoughts on “the latest money-making opportunity…

  1. congrats on the job, monkey-boy!;) seriously, though, enjoy it, make the most of it, have fun, and share some of your wealth of knowledge with those young-uns!

  2. um, i’m assuming hartford didn’t call you back for i’m sure you would have told me. but you seem to be tc to e-mail me….whatever!

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