the first day

so here i sit at my ‘new’ computer
at my ‘new’ job
with all these ‘new’ responsibilities (or at least eventual responsibilities)
after meeting all these ‘new’ people

and what am i doing? talking to friends online, lookin all over on the internet and writing in my blorg – so i guess not too much has changed. cept, i’m making moneys now, which is a HUGE change and a mighty good one too.

i’m gonna go ahead and plan on being super confused for at least a couple weeks here – cuz we just moved offices and things are still gettin setup. but i’m in a room where the walls are all whiteboard! how fun is that? i submit ‘very fun!’

here i sit all bored as usual
playin games and chattin too
someday soon, i’ll have stuff to do
until then, i’ll still be confused

2 thoughts on “the first day

  1. Sounds like me and my transition to working! Sounds like we both were out of work a little too long 🙂

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