no longer unemployed!!

okay, so maybe ya’ll havn’t readed the previous entry… but for those who have, you already know i had an interview with motion international this morning. well, it just so happens that the unemployed loser that usually writes in this here blorg is no longer – i gots me the job!!

what does motion international do? good question. they’re a technical consulting firm and they do a lot of different things – they work only with oracle products (even though that’s a pretty broad category) and have clients in the domestic us, canada, and western europe.

in kind of a freaky twist of events, i submitted my resume yesterday through careerbuilder.com, we shared a couple words in emails throughout the day yesterday, i was asked in for the interview this morning, i got the call this afternoon and i start on monday!

don’t ask me what i’ll be doing, cuz i’m not exactly sure. i know that motion has a very close relationship with oracle and i’ll be doing stuff with a motion proprietary tool, but still playing with oracle stuffs (i believe more the oracle financial package). i’m very excited, however it may not show in my outward demeanor cuz i’m still in shock and numb from the eyelids down. plus, i’ll have the opportunity to gain knowledge about oracle products through oracle university, and maybe someday, this kid will be ‘oracle certified’…. one can only dream. that’s my news – yea for me! that’s all, buy

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