so true

me too!

well, you haven’t heard from me in a while and i’ll tell you why – i’ve been busy. i haven’t been able to workout in a while because a couple weeks ago, i separated my shoulder playing football. the following weekend, i went to south dakota for my annual pheasant hunting trip, with a separated shoulder. it wasn’t as painful as it sounds, the shooting actually felt fine (i borrowed a 20ga and purchased a ‘limbsaver’ to help with the kick, seemed to work pretty good).

so with the separated shoulder, the WODs obviously have subsided, which annoys me, because i really enjoyed doing those. right now, i’m rehabbing the shoulder and spending time with the family – fun times had by me. i’ll try to post more, and i’ve got some photos to upload as well. (the lil guy is cute as evar! bet you can’t wait)