she’s in alaska…

… and i’m missing her more than a little bit. and to think, she’s just there for an extended weekend this time. what’ll i do when she’s gone for long time? let’s not think about that right now… instead, let’s talk football!

we had a decent game today… okay, maybe it was good. the maulers 61, the so dak sting 17. for those who don’t know, the maulers are the ‘next’ team i’m playing on. since the mustangs lost in a pathetic showing last weekend, my new season started this weekend with the minnesota maulers. last year the maulers went to the national championship game (and lost), so it’s easy to say they’re a pretty good team. they’ve got some really good athletes on the team. this team is VERY different than the mustangs. whether good or bad… well, we’re 4-0 right now, that’s good.

i myself had a not so bad day as well. i don’t know exact numbers yet, but i did get in the endzone once. i had a couple good runs and a few screens that went for a bunch of yards. this team is known for their passing, and i got a lot of guff for goin to em – cuz peeps said that i’ll never get the ball… well, we’ve got a few good runningbacks and the oline is doin pretty good, so the coach has made a couple changes. ain’t it funny? last year the mustangs threw the ball all the time too! teams seem to change their philosophies when this lil boy joins up with them. it’s enough to make a guy feel good.