a while? that’s an understatement…

well, well, well… it’s been over a week since i last wrote – that’s a long time, and i’m usually not that slackin on this (or maybe i am)… NEway, there’s been a LOT goin on in my life as of late and i spose it’s time to sorta play catch up.

the biggest thing: anne. a girl i met a week ago, even though i’d known her slightly as she worked at lifetime where i used to work out. we started talking and emailing and whatnot on the 3rd. it has been an amazing week and a half. she’s wonderful – mary poppins-esque. and of course, there’s a problem. she’s moving to alaska the end of the month. timing is everything isn’t it? we’re both very confused right now as to what we’re feeling and how we should continue… and i’m not sure what else to say about that right now. there’s a million thoughts running through my mind. i’m suprised she’s even given me a chance to get to know her in the last week and all the time she’s spent with me. i’m honored to have caught her eye. she makes me smile everytime i think about her. but then i get a lil choked up when i think of her leaving. i’ve done the long distance thing before, and it’s not fun. i’d much rather be able to spend time WITH my girl. but i’ve got to give it up to Him. i’ve gotta have faith that He’ll provide the best for both anne and myself. and His will, will be done. i trust that anne and i can make it work, if it’s in His plan.

football: well, we had a tough game on saturday. we got outplayed and we lost 18-20. not really much to say besides we got beat by a good team. a team we should’ve beaten and a team we beat earlier in the season 35-6. i personally had a decent game (21 carries for 161 yds and a TD). but it wasn’t enough. i finished that season with a 7.5 yd/carry average 16 TDs (15 running 1 receiving) and over 1000 yds (1050 according to the website, but i had 1044 in my records) so now what? now i play for only one team the minnesota maulers. i’m also a volunteer coach for my high school. two-a-days started monday. how fun is fall football? very

what else is goin on in my life? not much – skool is goin great. and i’ve decided i don’t wanna be a chef. i’m gonna finish up the program and hopefully put it to use somehow, otherwise it’s just another piece of paper i spent a lot of money and time to get.

a girl, football and skool – been most my life so far, so why change things up?

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  1. Can you transfer that degree to me? I want to be a chef!
    Definitely have faith in God and you’ll be able to figure out this thing with Anne. I hope things work out for you. 🙂

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