P90X: Day 9 – Plyometrics

with the recent heatwave and humidity, one would come to expect a little sweat to flow from the brow on occasion. this morning (like most mornings when working out), the flowing fluids were on hyper-drive today. the plyometric workout, a lot of jumping, bouncing and squatting, has never really been my favorite workout. after years of pounding through training and football, my knees bother me – especially on the lunge and squat exercises – and i think i might have a stress fracture on the bottom of my left foot. but i do my best and forget the rest! no excuses 🙂

still don’t have a heart rate monitor, but i’m pretty sure i was in the zone for the majority of the 58 minute workout. i did lose focus towards the end a little bit, but i did finish in a heap of sweat. joseph woke up as i finished and he asked me what was wrong because i was all icky. i had to giggle at that. i’ve been giving him a little bit of my smoothie every morning – he really likes the little fruit and protein shake that i stir up, yay!

tomorrow, shoulders & arms