P90X: Day 10 – Shoulders & Arms

it was not easy, this morning, to drag myself out of bed… but i did and i pushed play. And, like always, i felt better once i started warming up and felt great when it was all done – physically and mentally drained, but in a good way.

what a difference having heavier weights available makes! my left pectoral muscle has developed a little fasciculation all day (which is distracting because i like watching muscles twitch – a little known fact). obviously, i wasn’t able to do as many reps with the heavier weight – but i’m feeling it more than the first week. which is super awesome!

i still need to work on my diet – i’m not following the nutrition guide – i don’t have the time right now to get all “Simonis-y” on it. but i am conscience of it – that’s a start is it not? wondering if the shakeology is something i could/should get into or should i just keep using my own shakes for AM meal replacement and work on bettering the meals and snacks throughout the day. i’m open to suggestions.

oh, and i just realized Warrior Dash is this weekend and i don’t have a costume… what to do!?