P90X: Day 19 – Legs & Back

i continue to make progress – the number of pull ups are increasing and the lunges were a little better today. towards the end of the video, i was pretty spent and had to pause it for a little bit to catch my breath and mentally prepare for the last few exercises. feels good to be completely wiped out at the end of the workout. i’m not running into the muscle soreness like i was the first week, so that’s good. tomorrow Kenpo X – no Warrior Dash, so i’ll get that workout in 🙂

i still need to focus more on my diet – i keep going back and forth on attempting a Paleo diet. what i’m ultimately looking to find is a Paleo diet on a budget, both cost and time as fresh veggies, fruits & meats aren’t cheap or easy to prepare. any suggestions or a place for me to focus my search?