Insanity Round 2: 2nd fit test

I noticed an old friend from high school posting on the Facebook about he and his wife starting the insanity workouts… One night, shortly after I had read that I was downstairs trying to start a website design for a photographer and not getting anywhere… So I figured it was time to start the fun myself. I busted out the videos again. This time I don’t have the fitness center to run off to to get out of the house (we closed the doors to that endeavor over a year ago), but I’m not letting that stop me. And here I am now, finished my second fit test and not overly impressed with myself – but I am seeing progress. I’m down 6 lbs, sans 3.5% body fat and I improved on all of the exercises. Now i will admit i wasn’t in tip top shape by any stretch of the imagination… but to quote a generally overused expression, “it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish” I had to look back at my first insanity go-round a while ago to see how I compare and I’m actually not too far off. That surprised me a bit.

I don’t plan on posting every day as I had done last time. I think I was starting to run out of ways to say “sure was hard to get out of bed, it was a tough workout, I feel good about getting it done though” so I’ll spare the audience that tirade of synonymic sentences. I do think I’ll write up the results though. So without further ado:

My Results:

Exercise day 1 day 15 day 36 day 50 day 66 +/-
Switch Kicks 108 109 ? ? ? +1
Power Jacks 41 46 ? ? ? +5
Power Knees 69 87 ? ? ? +18
Power Jumps 28 36 ? ? ? +18
Globe Jumps 8 10 1/2 ? ? ? +2 1/2
Suicide Jumps (burpees) 12 17 ? ? ? +5
Push-Up Jacks 18 31 ? ? ? +13
Low Plank Oblique 39 48 ? ? ? +9

In comparing the two, I’m not completely too far away from where I left off which surprised me. I still need work on my diet – there’s no doubt in that. but if I continue to see the results and increases/decreases where appropriate – all the sweat and pain shan’t be in vain.