Insanity Hiatus

i know everyone is super excited to read about how pathetic i feel during my workouts everyday, but this next month is crazy busy with traveling for work and, well, summer stuff. for instance, this weekend i’m taking a “Me Weekend” (even though the wife needs a Me Month more than i need a Me Weekend), leaving the entire family behind (even Cocoa) and going to the cabin/shack to celebrate the Memorial Weekend with the extended family. i’m positive the pup is very displeased with this plan of attack.

with that being said, i will not be able to get the insanity workouts in – i will be plenty active, so i’m fine with that portion of the agenda. the big question is: “what do i do when i come back?” where do i start back up with the insanity workouts? i’ll be back Tuesday night, so Wednesday AM, do i go back and re-suck at the last Wednesday workout? i think that’s what i’ll do. like i told Julie a couple days back, i don’t know what Shaun T would suggest, but this is what i’m doing. i’ll be gone various 3-4 day stints in June, so i’m not sure how this will affect my insanity workouts other than that it will. gotta stay flexible like a Romanian gymnast.

so until then, enjoy the beautiful weather (if you’re in the midwest), get outside, wet a line and most importantly, thank a serviceman/woman for giving us a reason to celebrate this weekend!