Insanity – Day 46: Max Recovery

so it appears as though my counting of days was slightly askew yesterday (day 45 not 44 – now corrected). but whatcha gonna do? today i hit the snooze one extra time because i knew the Max Recovery workout was a lil bit shorter. and apparently, i thought that was such a good idea, i hit it again thinking the same thing! i just don’t know why i do that thinking in the morning – it really never turns out to be a good idea.

Max Recovery – a bitch of a workout. how i can sweat that much without moving hardly at all is amazing. and while i do appreciate the soreness at times, i am about ready to be over this phase of workouts 🙂

Insanity – Day 46: complete!

inspirational quote of the day:
“Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding.”
– Jimmy Valvano