Insanity – Day 30: Core Cardio & Balance

recovery week day 2 – still tough! this is a different beast of a workout, similar to the Cardio Recovery workout the last four weeks – there’s lots of holding and feeling of the burn. yesterday was a bad food day, Park had their 17th Annual Power Meet last night and i missed dinner, so when i got home (at 10:00) i was starving. there was one slice of pizza left and i snarfed that down and that’s where i stopped. so i guess we can say progress?

today, i don’t have a plan for food. i had to throw out an entire loaf of bread yesterday (moldy), but that was the free loaf i got when i purchased bread last week, so i’m not too choked up about it. i do eat peanut butter sandwiches during the day for snack. but those are getting boring. need to mix it up. any ideas my few readers??

Insanity – Day 30: complete!

inspirational quote of the day:
“They wil rise highest who strive for the highest place.”
(Altius ibunt qui as summa nituntur.)
– Latin Proverb