how can you not be excited?

maybe it’s just the geek in me, but I’m excited about the first full release of firefox 3! and i might just be a part of history… if you feel like you’re the kind of person who might be world record material, read more at the Spread FireFox web site.

I’ve been using the beta and RC1-3s of FireFox 3 (FF3), but a lot of the very useful add-ons that i use haven’t been upgraded for FF3 yet, so i’m very excited for this release, so that the developers can update the add-ons for FF3, especially the theme designers (i miss Noia, it feels so weird with another theme, when it’s my computer).

for those completely lost, firefox is a web browser. a far superior web browser than IE. it’s faster, standards compliant, safer, open source and has the backing of millions if not billions of geeks around the world. the add-ons are extremely useful (especially for a computer geek like myself) and greatly reduces the time it takes to find issues in a website (for the early stages in design and for tweakings towards the end). if there weren’t a handful of stupid websites that actually require IE, i’d completely ditch it. however, i am not so lucky. sign up for the download and prepare to surf like you’ve never surfed before…