baby appointment v37.0

just a quick note to everyone… we had another appointment today and we will be having them weekly (cuz that’s what you do when you reach this point, apparently). i’ll try to post more often, although i’ve noticed that the majority of the postings – had i posted every visit – would be similar to this one:

everything is normal, good and progressing wonderfully! i took photos of katie the other night, i’ll have to post them… (she’s gotta big ole belly now)

it was actually quite humorous, after i took the photos of her we looked back at some of the previous photos we’d taken of her when she was about 20 or 25 weeks… and she thought she had a big belly then, my how things change 🙂

p.s. if you’ve checked out the latest found web comic and started reading from strip one, you might understand why i’ve suddenly obtained a newfound want to play quake…