here’s to hopin it’s not too late…

briiiing, briiiing. hey that’s the phone ringing. the number on the caller ID doesn’t look familiar. who could it be? only one way to find out. “hello”…

that’s how it started. i got a somewhat random phone call wednesday as i was driving to practice. i say somewhat because, the caller probably didn’t think it too random, but to me it was pretty ‘out of the blue’. the caller, an HR type person for a company in des moines. the reason for the call: to inform me of an employment opportunity in the twin cities. you may be thinking, that’s a good thing. i pretty much am thinking the same thing, cuz i pretty much am in desperate need of a job – but a job that will fit in my schedule. what do you know, this job has the possibility of doing just that. i have not been offered the job yet. i’ve been given a ‘thinking period’ and a phone call will come sometime next week. a little about it, from what i got: basically it’s a financial advisor type job – i go visit (mostly elderly) peeps in the cities who’re looking at their financial situation and feel it needs a facelift. that’s cool, i can talk to people. i wouldn’t have to set up appointments, nor would i have to do much paperwork. i’d pretty much just be the guy who visits and answers questions they would have – at least this is how it’s sounding to date.

– a varying schedule, mostly during the day. would, for the most part, not interfere with football, lifting and/or skool
– income, that’s a good thing
– i would learn more about the financial world, knowledge is good
– i’d have another something on my plate. something to do and to keep me busy and active.
– it’d be different every time. i don’t see this being too monotonous, different people, different places. the variation is a good thing, specially for a guy who’s never been diagnosed, but probably has ADD (or ADHD, or whatever the crap they’re callin it these days) to some large degree

– i’d have to miss a week of football, lifting and skool to go down to kansas city for training.
– it’d be another something on my plate. maybe too much??
– i’d probably have to cut my hair and look somewhat respectable (ok, this isn’t a huge one, but it’s not easy making me look respectable)
– i might’ve already pissed the opportunity away. in the conversation, i mentioned my strong desire to play football. maybe i shouldn’t have. where does honesty in one’s #1 priority and dream fit into a situation like this?

maybe there’re more cons and pros that i’m not writing down… but i figure i’d throw it out and see what the peeps who read this think – i’m all ears (eyes) for advice here…


on a similar side note: i’m not sure what i’m doing. i know that i want to play football. i know that i’m enjoying culinary skool muchly. i know that i love a LOT of different aspects of life and i want to play with stuffs. i know that i enjoy learning new things. i know that i don’t know a whole bunch about any one aspect of life or skill or talent, but i know a little bit about a TON of things. i know that i have a short attention span and i get bored with things if they’re monotonous and unvarying. i know that i’ve got a knack for leadership positions.

i don’t know what i want to be when i grow up. i don’t know what i’m going to do with my culinary certificate when i’m done. i don’t know if i’ll ever use that BS in cs i got from USD. i don’t know what country i’ll be in next year. i don’t know who that special someone is. i don’t know what else i don’t know.

the reason i bring this up is cuz part of the ‘homework’ for my portfolio class is all about what i WANT to do, what my dreams and desires entail, etc. the more i think of it, the less i think i’m goin in the right direction and the more i realize my dreams and desires are somewhat contradictory. is there such a thing as a quarterlife crises – a state of ultimate confusion and lack of direction?? cuz i think i’m in it.

2 thoughts on “here’s to hopin it’s not too late…

  1. There was a study done showing a person needs 12 hugs a day to feel good. Eight hugs keeps a person at normal – um, can’t think of the word I want – status quo. 12 elevates a person’s positive life feelings substantially. Here’s a hug. O You must find 11 more. I know there’s more than 11 guys on each of your football teams. Not sure how they’d feel you running around hugging them. (I’m picturing this in my mind and find it pretty funny.)
    I wish I could just tell you to do this or do that & you would live happily ever after. Can’t.
    I can tell you that working with elderly people is a phenominal experience. We have so much to learn from them. Think of how much knowledge and the life experiences they have to offer. Working with elderly can also push your patience limits, but you will learn a lot about history, how they came to America or how their ancestors did, life in "the good old days", adversity, wars, etc, etc. I bet there’s a lot of them who could give you some pretty interesting recipees for your cullinary class. I have a high regard and respect for the elderly. Our country is very youth-oriented and our elderly are the forgotten denomination. Helping them could be very rewarding for you. Good luck with your decision(s). I’ll be thinking of you in my prayers.

  2. A thought for ya on this one T.

    We never truly know the path we’re on. What we do is just follow….there is a plan for everyone, and sometimes it takes longer for others to realize what that plan is. I’m right there with ya on this one buddy…..I have no clue where I’m going, what I’m doing, etc. All I know is you only live once…..do what makes you happy. If playing football makes you happy, stick with it. If jumping off of a bridge makes you happy, you might as well get it done, because I doubt there will be a second chance after you land.

    You’re only what, 24? Give it time dude…..patience is a virtue.

    And thats the last time you’ll ever hear anything deep from me. My head’s gonna hurt for a week from this one.

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