6 quarters…

in one of the longest days ever, i played 6 quarters of football – but no overtime. “How does that work?” you may ask. Works by playing agame and a half. After skool i went to the home (& season) opener for the maulers. i was only able to make it in time for the second half. i finally got some play in the 3rd quarter – getting a few carries. in the 4th, i only got two carries – but i made the best of ’em. i ended up w/ 5 carries for about 70 yds and 2 TDs. (exact numbers not known yet) – oh, and we won 54-14. beat some hosers from canada, eh (the winnepeg rods… tee hee hee)

so then game two. drove out to alexandria (bout 2 hours from minneapolis, where the first game was). got ready again, and warmed up again. we won that game as well. 35-13. two good games. i ended up with 155 yds on 15 carries and 3 TDs in that game. right now i’m sitting at 883 total rushing yards for the season. with one regular season game to go (of which i will have to miss next week cuz i’m in a wedding). and possibly three playoff games. there’s a pretty good chance i’ll break 1000 yds, which would be pretty cool and the team season record is 1125 yds – also attainable. some simple math would mean 117 for the grand and 242 for the team record. not too bad considering i saw limited action in the first couple games.

oh, and not to forget the day started at 530 for me, as i had class from 700 to 1200. (made some purdy good soups saturday 😉 and the post game celebration was pretty low-key (a good thing) but it wasn’t difficult to fall asleep after such a fun-filled day.

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  1. T13…..you are one crazy dude. Someday, when I make "neumanndotcom.net"….my website will be way cooler than yours. Except without the culinary school stuff, I dont need to be taught how to cook! Haha!

    The knee still hurts like hell, but I’ll pull through. See ya in a week and a half there buddy.

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