getting my money’s worth

i ran the pole vault at a highschool track meet today – my sister’s been coaching the vault at Tartan HS and asked me to run the vault at their meet. post-meet, she asked if i wanted to go out to eat. she’d been craving sushi and there’s a new restaurant in woodbury, which i was looking forward to trying out… today i got my chance.

now the restaurant, Akita Sushi and Habachi, was very nice looking. The service… questionable at best. it took FOREVER for us to get even our waters, but once we did, the water had ice and was cold. they have two different methods of eating – ala carte or all-you-can-eat. now the all you can eat method is quite pricey ($21.99), but then again, we’re talking about sushi here. i can eat a lot of sushi. i’m writing this today to tell you exactly how much i ate (i’m not sure exactly of prices, but i did eat more than $22 worth), i had to keep the receipt – as a token of my victory over akita… the list:

  • 1x Sushi Pizza
  • 10x Unagi (my super most favorite sushi EVAR)
  • 1x Snapper (sushi)
  • 4x White Tuna (sushi)
  • 2x Salmon (sushi)
  • 1x Cucumber/Sea Clam Roll (6 pieces)
  • 1x Rainbow Roll (6 pieces)
  • 1x Crispy Roll (6 pieces)
  • 1x Unagi Roll (6 pieces)
  • 1x Spicy Salmon Roll (6 pieces)

now, we did check the ala carte menu at one point… 5x sushi = $5.99 (1x = $1.99), each roll was between $3.50 and $5.50… do the math, i done pretty good. i will be back as the food was VERY good – and next time, i make sure to get even more bang for my buck!


in addition: last weekend katie and i went down to Des Moines to visit with Rusty/Laurie/Jacob, Heath/Lindsay/Ella and Stephen/Betsy… it was a GREAT trip and i meant to write about it before, but didn’t have time. This was the 4th or 5th year we’ve gotten together (the four couples), usually on NFL Draft weekend, but this was by far the most differentest trip. this year, Rusty and Laurie had their 9 month old and Heath and Lindsay had their 6 month old. Katie is 7 months along on our first crib-lizard… so we took many mental notes. They made me hold babies, and i played with babies. while they don’t get super fun for a couple more months now, it was still a cool experience. it eased some of the worries and it made me excited for the drastic life change that i’m about to go through. even now, i’ve got katie’s hypnobirthing cd playing (which always puts me to sleep, so it’s getting tough to stay awake) and i’m looking more and more forward to late June/early July or whenever it is i become a father…


side note: sometimes when i type, i wish i had a blue screen and yellow/white text like doogie always did

2 thoughts on “getting my money’s worth

  1. Yea for Spicy Salmon roll! By far the most scrumptious sushi EVER!!! Yum, let’s go again soon!!!

  2. i’m pretty sure that the most bestest EVAR is the unagi, i be kicking the unagi and the unagi roll ALL day long and what is more, i don’t be drinking water like a fish when i dig into the unagi.

    spicy salmon roll… it’s alright, but i’ve had better

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