baby appointment v7.0

Actually, the appointment was technically yesterday, but i was a bit busy – so i’m writing today. Everything is going very well, all of the measurements that were taken are matching up. the heart rate was in the range of normalcy. Things are shaping up quite nicely.

We met with a different midwife this time because the midwife that Katie had initially chosen might be unavailable during the time of birth… so i think we’re going to be visiting with different midwives so at least we get to know the majority of them before the birthing process begins. With that in mind, we’re also doing a home-flavored, hypnobirthing class. we got the materials from the first midwife and that’s a TON cheaper than going to an 8-week class (and more convenient). We’ve been listening to CD’s at night – i haven’t made it past 10 minutes before i fall asleep yet – so i’m not really sure what they’re all about. we do have a book to read, a chapter every week, which i’ve been reading before we pop on the CD tracks. it’s a lot of hippie mumbo-jumbo, but it’s what Katie wants to do. So i being the awesome me that i am, am going to go along with it and help her as best i can… tis the least i can do at this point (i guess my work here is NOT done).

i’ve also started reading a daddy book – i forget the name and author, but then again, i really haven’t delved too far into the book as of yet. this, however, will change as i’m now done with the other book i was reading (the final book of the Left Behind series – i shall have to post about that some other time).

point of this post? things with baby are progressing nicely. please keep us in your prayers that these things continue to progress as they should. thanks

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  1. DO NOT ask me how I stumbled across this website, but I just thought I would congratulate you on your upcoming bundle of joy. I will pray that it is healthy, and, almost as important, that looks like your wife and not you. Good luck DAD.

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