don’t miss me too much…

cuz i’ll be gone for a lil bit. i’m takin a trip to so dak this weekend, where in so dak? not vermillion – but pollock, sd. whatever would cause you to drive all the way out to pollock, you may ask… well, it’s all for the birds. i’ll be pheasant hunting with rusty and a crew of peeps. we’ll be in pollock till monday and then we’ll be in menno, sd tusday then i’ll be back to the grind of things on wednesday… how fun, how fun indeed.


i’m actually gettin ready to meet up with a guy who might have me do some mySQL work for a webpage, wish me luck and prayers.


also, if anyone wants to give me $2000, so i can go to a couple all-star games this winter, email me and we’ll work something out – even if you want to give more or less… i’m looking for sponsors. also, if the company that you work for does do sponsorship type stuffs… let me know, cuz it would be many fun times and might just get me playing somewhere, but the fundage is a lil low at current levels….

2 thoughts on “don’t miss me too much…

  1. Did you check out Pollock’s football field? If I remember correctly, it’s only an 80 yarder. Crazy, huh?? Hope you got some birdies

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