and actually i’ve been back for a couple days… man, things is crazy here for me right now. where to start this post? “let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. when you read you begin with a, b c. when you sing you begin with do, re, mi (do, re, mi)”… for you sound of music fans out there.

the trip to pollock was… interesting but fun times. we were tenting it out there – and it got a lil chilly. i got my first taste of snow for the 04-05 winter season and at times warmth was hard to come by for some – i enjoy the cold so it wasn’t too bad for myself. we got a couple birds and we missed a bunch. i saw’d many many birds up there and most were out of range. good trip, long drive.

on the way back through sioux falls, i got to see some friends and a 1-wk old baby with poo in it’s drawers. good times.

gettin back to now times and here places – we finished up the regular season for our touch football league and the state tournament is this weekend in st cloud. and the team that beat us (the tbirds) out of the playoffs (the pioneers) has extended an invite to me to join them in their quest for a national championship. i do believe i will play with them. the first game is on the 30th (the following weekend) against the milwaukee roughriders – where or when time, i’m not sure yet.

i’ve also gotta find some time to get up to the hunting shack soon to get my doe – this year the area we’re hunting has adopted the ‘earn-a-buck’ – which means you need to shoot a doe in order to get a buck tag. i’m not sure when i’ll be able to hunt for the doe (they have a special ‘doe only’ season that starts next weekend) with the newly added football games coming up. sheesh busy times

plus, i think i’m forgetting about 38 things that i have on my plate right now. it’s almost thanksgiving time and i have much to give thanks for – yet so little time…..

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  1. "i got to see some friends and a 1-wk old baby with poo in it’s drawers. good times."

    — i was laughing out loud when i read this – you are funny!!!

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