CFWB Free Workout #3 – The Final Episode

Now that I’ve got two days of the CrossFit White Bear free workouts behind me, I can say with complete confidence, “Ouch! But in a good way”. Today, Jake introduced the n00bs to the concept of AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). The premise behind AMRAP is you have a series exercises to do and you do as many rounds in a given time period. And on to today’s fun:

Today’s Workout

10 minute AMRAP
10 bodyweight squats
7 burpees
10 jumping pull ups

My Results

6 Rounds + 10 squats

I wasn’t alone again today, Andrew joined me for the second round, there were two ladies who came back after yesterday’s free WoD, three other ‘new’ folks and one actual paying client who was there for the true daily WoD… it was quite the happening place to be! I find that it’s a lot of fun working out with a group of folks who, when they’re capable of talking, can cheer each other on or more likely look across the way and give you a look as if to say “yeah, it sucks for me too!” And during the workouts, you’re trying to breathe and not look a complete pile of worthlessness – it’s after the workout when you say, “Yeah, that was awesome!”

I walked past Andrew’s cube about an hour after we got back to the office and he let it be known “I hate you”. To which I could only respond with a boisterous “You are welcome!” 🙂 Now, does he hate me because he’s sore in ways he hasn’t been in quite a while (absolutely), but I think he also is hating on me because I just introduced him to the wonderful world of CrossFit and he, too, works at a non-profit where the financial compensation is lacking and the membership isn’t the cheapest on the block. That’s the world I reside in now. I would love to get in with a group of dedicated CrossFitters and totally kick my @$$ everyday. Anyone want to donate to the “T wants to CrossFit” fund? I can’t give you a tax break or credit, but I can tell you that your dollars would be well spent on turning all this pregnancy weight into a well-chiseled and awesome individual (the awesome part is already there :).