CFFB WoD 3.9.10

Well, i did not do any of the insanity workouts… yet. the biggest problem i have with those flavor of workouts is that i just do not like working out in my own living room… i tend to sweat a lot and i’m not a fan of sweating on my carpet where i play with my son and (very rarely) ‘veg-out’ on the couch. i’ve got plans for my permahouse that will either incorporate a separate room as a workout facility (to start) and eventually reserve a portion of an out building (pole barn-esque) reserved for our equipment and training area. until then… i guess i’ll just have to 1) stay fat (not a likely option) 2) suck it up (perhaps) or 3) find a way to get the workouts in elsewhere. ya know i do have that fitness center…

NEway, on to todays WoD:

Complete 8 rounds of:

Sprint 200 meters

*Rest 2:1 (rest:work) between rounds

My Results:

38s, 39s, 41s, 40s, 44s, 44s, 43s, 40s

a not complex WoD today and i’m already feeling it in my calves – seems to be the case when i do some extensive running. while i didn’t pass out or collapse afterward, i definitely took my time to recover (1 walking lap 200m and one jogging lap). kinda sad, really. next time this workout comes around, i’d like to see all 8 under 40s – i think that’s an attainable goal.