CFFB WoD 1.21.10

So after running on monday, and a killer but seemingly not so bad workout on wednesday, i finally made it into the weight room to get my 3rd workout in a week.

Doing the CrossFit Football workout for today, which consisted of:

4 rounds of 7 cycles, one cycle:
power clean, front squat, push press, back squat and good morning.

rest 90 seconds between rounds, and during the round, no dropping of the weight. a drop costs a penalty of one burpee at the end of the workout.

My results:
1x 95lbs
3x 115lbs
2 penalties (drops)

i didn’t know what weight to use for this workout, so i started out at 95lbs for the first round. it wasn’t easy, but i decided to go up for the second round to 115lbs. this wasn’t easy. and while my forearms were burninating the neighborhood, i finished with only two penalties.

i finished up with 3×5 in bench and felt the bad kind of pain in my hammy on my second set of 3×5 in the squat, so i stopped. twas not a pop, but definitely NOT a good hurt. hoping tomorrow feels better.