CFFB WoD 1.18.10

MiLK day and with that the High School had the day off – i, however, didn’t have the day off. so i woke, as usual, in the AM and drove the PHS. usually, i see a car or two in the parking lot, but not today. so i decide to go it alone today, which was fine because the CFFB WoD for today was pretty simple – 16 100s with a 3:1 rest to work ratio.

My Results:

18.0s, 17.3s, 18.4s, 18.2s, 19.4s, 18.8s, 18.2s, 17.6s,
17.7s, 18.0s, 19.5s, 20.0s, 18.1s, 17.8s, 17.6s, 16.5s

i did take a 2 minute halftime break and in the 4th quarter, my 3:1 rest to work ratio turned into more of a 4:1, but i got them all done. the times were VERY discouraging, because they’re way too high and yet, i will be sore.

After catching my breath and a two lap (indoor) walk/jog/stumble cool down i did some work on the agility ladder and tested out a couple new exercises i found on the internets… will continue to play with the ladder.

Addendum 1/19/10: My calves locked up on me multiple times yesterday, and my lovely wife massaged them last night. it was a painful experience for me and i think she had much to much fun causing said pain. i do thank her for that as i am able to walk a little easier today.